AWS Well-Architected Review

Get advice on architectural best practices with our AWS Well-Architected review

The Well-Architected Review is an architectural assessment based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The goal of this review is to assess whether your architecture in AWS Cloud is secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient.

What can you expect when we do the well-architected review?

We’ll assess the workload on your AWS account
You receive a report that contains the high-risk findings from the assessment
You’ll get a custom improvement plan to remediate the findings

The 6 pillars of the AWS Well-architected Framework

The AWS Well-Architected Framework is a set of best practices and design principles for building scalable and secure applications in the AWS cloud. It is organized into six pillars, which are:
Operational ExcellenceThis pillar focuses on the ability to run and monitor applications in the AWS Cloud in a consistent and predictable manner.
SecurityThis pillar focuses on the protection of data and systems in the AWS Cloud and includes practices such as encryption and access control.
ReliabilityThis pillar focuses on the ability of an application to recover from failures and continue operating without interruption.
Performance EfficiencyThis pillar focuses on using resources in AWS efficiently. That means the right resource types and sizes are matched with the requirements of the workload.
Cost OptimizationThis pillar focuses on minimizing the cost of running an application in the AWS cloud, without sacrificing performance or reliability.
SustainabilityThis pillar focuses on applying design principles and best practices to reduce these impacts on your workload to reduce energy usage and have less impact on the environment.

Our AWS Well-architected Framework Review Approach

By following this approach, you’ll receive a remediation plan containing valuable insights and recommendations that can help improve your application architecture in AWS and help you drive your business forward.

Schedule the Well-Architected Review

The first step is to plan a kick-off meeting with one of our Cloud Consultants and you!

You are recommended to involve key stakeholders, technical leads, and any relevant subject matter experts in the call.

Identify the scope during the kick-off

The second step is to identify the scope and objectives of the AWS Well-Architected review during the kick-off meeting.

This could include a specific application, workload, or your entire AWS account.

Fill in the questionnaire

We’ll provide access to an online portal where you answer some questions, so we can assess your architecture and development processes against the AWS Well-Architected Framework best practices.

Next to that, we’ll share a CloudFormation template containing a temporary IAM role with read access that provides us access to your AWS account.

Conduct the review and share the findings report

Based on your input in the questionnaire and our technical review of your AWS Account we’ll provide you with a report of our findings within days.

The goal is to remediate 45% of the high-risk issues in the findings report. We’ll give our recommendation on which items to remediate.

Remediation plan

We develop a remediation plan for implementing any necessary changes to improve your architecture in AWS. This includes updates to your designs, policies, and processes.

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