Towards the Cloud

I’ve migrated hundreds of workloads to @awscloud and learned it the hard way. Now I’m sharing my take on best practices on this blog so you can successfully migrate yours!

Towards the Cloud

Tutorials & Deep dives

AWS Cloud & DevOps

This section focuses on CI/CD, Automation on AWS Cloud.

Code snippets


Examples on how to build complex constructs in AWS CDK including information on how to deploy them in AWS Cloud.


Getting AWS Certified

If you’re a beginner or you’re looking to become a Cloud/DevOps Engineer, then have a look in this sections that contains guides on getting Certified in AWS.

Free AWS certification study guides.

More and more companies are looking for the right cloud engineers. Therefore it’s a good idea to develop yourself and get AWS Certified.

Not only will this increase your chance of getting you next job in the Cloud, you’ll also be prepared to make better design decisions best on best practices.

To help you get prepared for the AWS Certified exam, I’ve created a series of study guides that’ll help you pass the exam in one go!

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Badge

How to pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam –
2022 guide

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Badge

How to pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam – guide

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Badge

How to pass the AWS DevOps Engineer Professional exam – guide

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