Cloud Services & Solutions

The Cloud servicessolutions that we offer

We focus on building an infrastructure in the Cloud using architectural best practices and automating many of the manual deployment processes by using infrastructure as code and CI/CD.

Here are the Cloud Services & Solutions that we offer to alleviate some of the challenges you face when migrating your business to AWS Cloud, so you can focus on growing your core business instead of maintaining and operating your infrastructure.

AWS Well-Architected Review

With the help of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, we’ll review your workload in AWS Cloud on the architectural best practices and give detailed advice on how to improve it to make it more cost-efficient and resilient.

AWS Landing Zone

The AWS Landing Zone contains a pre-defined, secured, multi-account environment that is ready to onboard different workloads and teams in an automated manner.

AWS Cloud Migration

You’re currently running your workload and applications on-premise and are looking for guidance or builders to help you migrate to AWS Cloud.

Our Cloud Consultancy approach

We help you to launch any simple or complex website or application in AWS Cloud. Our job is to focus on delivering the best well-architected infrastructure so you can focus on your core business.

Here is a simplified explanation of how we proceed to take action once you request one of our services. We take the following 4-step approach.

  1. Tell us your story
    Let’s talk about what you’re looking to build or migrate to AWS Cloud and see how we can help to address the challenges you’re facing.
  2. Define the scope
    We’ll take a look at all the details of your project. Then we make a plan and architecture and estimate the number of hours it costs to accomplish the task.
  3. Start building
    We’ll work with you the entire way, from starting up the project to doing knowledge handovers with your developers to make sure they can take over once we delivered the project.
  4. Delivery
    We’ll make sure that the quality is assured before going live with your workload, application, or landing zone by doing compliance checks, so you can rest assured that your infrastructure is delivered based on architectural best practices.

Technologies that we use to build in the Cloud

To deliver the best possible CI/CD experience we work with state-of-the-art infrastructure as code tools and programming languages.
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Mentions from people I’ve worked with

See what others have to say about working with me on AWS Cloud projects.
Great team member and always willing to go the extra mile!

I worked with Danny for close to 3 years. During that time he helped teach me several things for new customer projects.

Danny’s ability to juggle tasks from multiple projects at the same time is astounding. His AWS knowledge and hands-on experience in this field are exceptional.
Peter Helewski
Senior Vice president of
Cloud Engineering at Citi
I worked with Danny for more than 1 year. Besides his excellent knowledge of AWS, he is very eager to learn new technologies.

He is a well-organized person and he pays attention to documentation.

He is concerned about customer satisfaction and tries to build a good experience for them.
Mehdi Kianpour
Cloud Solutions Architect
at Flybits
Danny is a fast-working and knowledgeable Cloud engineer with sound programming skills.

He is dedicated to working the agile “DevOps” way, trying to minimize operational work by creating fully automated and self-healing AWS solutions.

Next to this, he is customer minded and tries proactively to think about what can be improved for the customer.
Ragnar Hulskamp
Teamlead CloudOps &
Enablement at Conclusion

Frequently Asked Questions

It might be possible that a Cloud Solution or Service is not listed on this page. Then this FAQ might help answer some of your remaining questions.

A service I need is not listed on this page, can you help?

If you cannot see a particular service that matches your needs, I can sometimes craft a custom engagement.

Please contact me to see if we can work something out.

Do you provide consultancy services for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure?

Currently, my area of expertise resides in AWS Cloud services.

However, I work with CloudNation which employs consultants who are specialized in AWS, GCP, Oracle, and Azure.

Contact me so I can hook you up with the right person to help you get started in your Cloud journey!

Do you provide AWS training or workshops?

Yes, we offer workshops and training as part of the AWS Cloud Migration service.

However, we can also provide single or multi-day workshops.

Please contact me to find out the possibilities.

Ready to take the next step towards the cloud?

Grow & focus your core business by letting us help you to successfully migrate to the Cloud.