Towards the Cloud

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Hi! My name is Danny. In 2020 I started this blog because I wanted to write down my learnings on my day-to-day activities as a Cloud Engineer who works with AWS Services. So far this had two positive effects, I keep track of what I build and other people can benefit from the knowledge that I share in public.

My fascination with Cloud and Automation started when I was started my first job as a Unix Administrator in 2013. My job was to maintain and monitor loads of on-premise servers for our customers. This meant we had to do a lot of repetitive tasks in order to keep the websites up and running continuously. Through a new project, I discovered AWS and its concepts of creating highly available environments using auto-scaling and distributed systems.

These concepts sparked my interest and inspired me to automate and build scalable, self-healing, and immutable (stateless) environments. This meant I had to learn more about the DevOps way of thinking and use toolings such as CloudFormation, git, python, and bash. By continuously developing myself I've learned to adapt myself quickly to new emerging technologies.

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If you want to do a collaboration or need AWS expertise, then you can contact me @dannysteenman.