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Transform your business with our AWS Cloud migration services and strategy. Our goal is to help accelerate your digital transformation and innovation in the Cloud.

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We’ll help to migrate your application to AWS and teach you how to automate your deployments.

More and more companies are moving to the Cloud in order to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve agility within their organization.

However, coming up with a Cloud adoption strategy can be a daunting task when you need to research the implications and risks before moving your workload to the Cloud for the first time whilst you’re focused on operating your business.

Adopting the cloud successfully requires rigorous and time-consuming end-to-end cloud migration planning. Some common challenges you’ll face during this phase are:

Security – Cloud service uses a shared responsibility model which means that the cloud vendor is responsible for securing the (physical) infrastructure and where you are responsible for securing your data and workloads.

Cloud migration strategy – You’ll need to make an incentivization of your current workloads and pick a Cloud migration strategy that is the best fit for each workload. These are the 6 strategies (also known as the “The 6 R’s”) to choose from when migrating to the cloud:

  1. Rehosting
  2. Replatforming
  3. Repurchasing
  4. Refactoring
  5. Retire
  6. Retain

Cost management – You’ll need to set clear KPIs and expectations on what you plan to save or spend after a migration to the Cloud. Otherwise, it will be difficult to determine if migration was successful or not.

In order to create an overview to determine what the new Cloud infrastructure is going to cost., you’ll need to design a cloud architecture for your new infrastructure. However, depending on the strategy that you choose for your workload it can have a big effect on the total costs.

For example, when you decide to modernize an application (refactor) to become cloud-native it can dramatically decrease recurring costs since your application is optimized to use cloud-native resources.

Ready to migrate towards the cloud?

We’ve successfully migrated hundreds of workloads to the Cloud. Through experience, we know what works and what doesn’t work. We will develop a comprehensive cloud strategy and migration plan by identifying and analyzing your current workloads.

Deliverables will be tailored to your situation but will include executive alignment workshops, cloud readiness assessment, architecture & roadmap design, platform workshop, proof of concepts, technology & business case development.

Our goal is to accelerate your digital transformation so that it’ll improve your customer’s experience and provide your employees with modern and flexible tools. Now you can focus on transforming your business instead of spending time on operational overhead.